Loop Control Structure


1. The repetition of a set – of – statements depending upon a condition test is known as –

  • Selections
  • Iteration
  •  Sequence
  •  None of these

2. A sequence of statements contained within a  pair of braces and is called a :

  • Brick
  •  Branch
  • Blob
  • Block

3. Which fram following is a jump statement?

  • continue statement
  • Switch statement to the monitor
  • Break statement
  • All of these

4. Which test can not be handle by switch statement –

  •  Character test
  • Floating-point test
  •  Integer tested
  • None of these


Floating-point test

5. The exit ( ) function breaks out of :

  • The program appears in
  •  The block it appears in
  • The loop appears in
  • The function appears in


The program it appears in

6. Who gives the instruction to the computer to for performing any kind of action?

  •  Iteration
  • Selection al
  •  Sequence
  • Statement Continue


Statement Continue

7. Destination is specified by a label within statement is called :

  •  For each loop
  •  For loop
  • Go to statement
  • While loop V


A labelGo to statement

8. A loop containing another loop in its loop । body is called –

  • Nested loop
  •  Combine loop for
  • Loop ladder
  •  All of these

9. The braces are not necessary when the Joop body contains a :

  • Double Statement
  • Single Statement
  •  Botha and b
  •  Triple Statement


Single Statement

10. The break statement causes an exit :


Only from the innermost switch

11. Which operation can be used as an alternative to the if statement?

12. Label in go to statement is same like –


case in switch statement

13. The execution of statement (s ) depending upon condition test is known as-

14. Break statement is used in-


Switch statement

15. For loop is a –


Count controlled loop

16. The go to statement causes control to go to :

17.  If a loop does not contain any statement in its loop – body, it is said to be an :

19. Do while is a –


Exist controlled loop

20. At least how many time do while loop execute-

21. Statement that causes the control program to jump Over other statements, is called-


Jump statement

22. While is a :


One Entry controlled loop

23. An item declared in a conditional statement  Selection cannot be access-


Outside of that statement

24. The program area inside which a variable can None of them be accessed, is called :


Variable’s scope

25. Who changes the value of loop variables?


Update Expression

26. The keyword ” break cannot be simply used its loop – body, it is said to be an: within :

27. Which keyword is used to come out of an executed loop only for that iteration?

28. Which keyword can be used for coming out of recursion?

29. How many choices are possible when using a loop of a single if-else statement?

30. In an if – else statement ( statement – 1 ) and ( statement – 2 ) both are executed at same time –


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