Computer Fundamental


1. Second-generation computer used –

  • Transistor instead of vacuum tubes
  •  Integrated circuitry
  • Vacuum tubes instead of an electromechanical device
  • None of the above


Transistor instead of vacuum tubes

2. Which computer gives the best qualities of both digital and analog computers?

  •  Analog computer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Supercomputer
  •  Hybrid computer

3. Which computer solves a variety of problems?

  •  Hybrid computer
  • Analog computer
  • General-purpose computer
  •  Special purpose computer


General-purpose computer

4. Fourth generation computers :

  • were built after 1970
  • include microcomputer
  • were the first to use microcomputer
  • all of the above


all of the above

5. Which computer exist in a wide range of sizes and power-

  •  Microcomputer
  • Embedded computers
  • General-purpose computer
  •  Special purpose computer


Embedded computers

6. Mini computer is also known as :


General-purpose computer


Mid-range computer

7. The first electronic computer developed in which year

8. Data in computer terminology mean?

9. Who improve the adding machine?


Gottfried Leibnitz

10. The language processors are

11. Performance-wise digital computers are how many types?

12. A microprocessor is-


A solid-state device

13. First generation computers –


Used vacuum tubes instead of switches and relays

14. Which is flatware?


Integrated circuit

15. Third generation computers :


were the first to use integrated circuitry

16. Who represents the set of programs that govern the operation of a computer system and make the hardware run?

17. The first stage is performed on the computer by –


None of these

18. Which type of software is tailor-made software?


Customized Application software

19. Storage of 1 kb means the following number of bytes :

20. IQ of a computer is –

21. Charles Babbage developed different engine machines in which year?

22. The ALU performs which arithmetical operation?


(+ , – , * , 1 )

23. Who represents the physical and tangible components of the computer?

24. Who invented the adding machine?

25. Smallest unit of memory is?

26. The adding machine is invented in :

27. One Megabyte is equivalent to –

28. How many bit form a byte?

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