1. An array of an array is called :

  • Multi casting array
  • Uni casting array
  • Multidimensional array
  • One dimensional array


Multidimensional array

2. Which of the following concepts make extensive use of arrays?

  • Spatial locality
  • Caching
  • Scheduling of processes
  • Binary trees


Spatial locality

3. Elements of an array are numbered as 0, 1 , 2, these numbers are called :

  •  Subscripts of the array
  •  Index Values
  •  Both a and b
  •   Members of an array

4. Table or arrays that require two subscripts that all have the same name and same type is to identify a particular element are called: called as :

  •  Double subscripted array
  •   Multiple subscripted arrays
  •   Two-way array
  •  None of the above


Double subscripted array

5. Position number contained within square brackets eg. My array [ 5 ], is referred as

  • Sub Scripts
  •  Element of an array
  •   Post Scripts
  •  None of these

6. Sequence of an object that has the same type is called

  • stack
  • Array
  • Operators
  •  Function

7. Assuming int of 4 bytes, what is the size of int array is called: arr [ 15 ];?

8. When does the Array Index Out of Bounds Exception Occur?

  •  Run time
  •  Compile-time beginning
  • None an error
  •  None of the these

9.  Fioat a [ 3 ] = { 10.2 , } is an example of –

  • Initializing array
  • Initializing functions
  • Initializing variables
  • None of  these


Initializing array

10. Array that is declared statie are initialized when:

  • The program is about to end
  • The first element is zero
  • Program is loaded into the memory
  • None of these


Program is loaded into the memory

11. How many kinds of elements an array can have :


All of them have the same type

12. Referring element outside array bounds is a :

13. A consecutive group of memory locations the all has the same name and the same type is called:

14. Which from the following technique is used for finding a value in an array?

15. For defining their own types program – mimer’s uses :

16. One- dimensional array of two – the dimensional  array is called :


Two dinenstinal array

17. For finding an object in an array starting from the beginning  and inspecting each element one other, until the object is found is called as :


Linear search algorithm

18. A one-dimensional array of – the dimensional   array is called :


Two – dimensional array

19. Binary search algorithm uses :


Divide and conquer method

20. A one-dimensional array is always considered as

21. Each element of an array is searched against nothing key is a specialty of :

22. Object of an array is called as :


Elements of an array

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