Chapter-8: Going Places


1 .  Geoff had been out of school for a period of –

  • five years
  • one year
  • three years
  • two years

2. What kind of person is Sophie’s father?

  • a kind hearted
  • a loving and caring
  • a hard core realistic
  • carefree


a hard core realistic

3. What is Sophie in reality?

  • a dreamer
  • a fighter
  • a worker at Biscuit factory
  • none


a worker at Biscuit factory

4. Who is Sophie’s elder brother?

  • Geoffe
  • Jansie
  • Dany Casey
  • none

5. What is the sub theme of the story?

  • Relationships
  • friends
  • family members
  • adolescents

6. Who are Sophie and Jansie?

  • teenagers who are friends and classmates
  • neighbourers
  • colleagues
  • actors


teenagers who are friends and classmates

7. What kind of girl is Sophie?

  • a happy go lucky kind
  • a realistic
  • Day dreamer
  • a naughty child

8. Which game are Sophie and her family fans of ?

  • cricket
  • Badminton
  • volleyball
  • football

9. Who is A. R. Barton?

  • A modern writer
  • author of Going Places
  • lives in Zurich and writes in English
  • All these

10. What does Sophie dream about?

  • Becoming an actor
  • becoming a manager
  • a sophisticated person
  • becoming rich and sophisticated


becoming rich and sophisticated

11. Danny had a freckled nose and the colour of his eyes was

12. Outside the pub, Sophie saw something. It was

  •  her dad’s bicycle
  •  her brother’s car
  •  her mother’s motorcycle
  • Derek’s tricycle


her dad’s bicycle

13. While Sophie waited for Danny, she realized that


Danny would not come

14. According to Sophie, the place she had chosen to meet Danny was

15. Sophie told Jansie that her father if he got to know about her meeting with Danny would

16. Geoff had told about Sophie’s meeting with Danny Casey to

17. ‘I wish he was an Englishman’. These words were spoken with reference to


a passenger in the bus

18. The match on Saturday was witnessed by


Sophie, father, Derek and Geoff

19. Danny Casey was a player in the football team of

20. Sophie told Geoff that Danny was unable to sign an autograph for her because


he didn’t have paper or pen


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