Chapter-8: Going Places


1 .  Geoff had been out of school for a period of –

  • five years
  • one year
  • three years
  • two years

2. What kind of person is Sophie’s father?

  • a kind hearted
  • a loving and caring
  • a hard core realistic
  • carefree


a hard core realistic

3. What is Sophie in reality?

  • a dreamer
  • a fighter
  • a worker at Biscuit factory
  • none


a worker at Biscuit factory

4. Who is Sophie’s elder brother?

  • Geoffe
  • Jansie
  • Dany Casey
  • none

5. What is the sub theme of the story?

  • Relationships
  • friends
  • family members
  • adolescents

6. Who are Sophie and Jansie?

  • teenagers who are friends and classmates
  • neighbourers
  • colleagues
  • actors


teenagers who are friends and classmates

7. What kind of girl is Sophie?

  • a happy go lucky kind
  • a realistic
  • Day dreamer
  • a naughty child

8. Which game are Sophie and her family fans of ?

  • cricket
  • Badminton
  • volleyball
  • football

9. Who is A. R. Barton?

  • A modern writer
  • author of Going Places
  • lives in Zurich and writes in English
  • All these

10. What does Sophie dream about?

  • Becoming an actor
  • becoming a manager
  • a sophisticated person
  • becoming rich and sophisticated


becoming rich and sophisticated

11. Danny had a freckled nose and the colour of his eyes was

12. Outside the pub, Sophie saw something. It was

  •  her dad’s bicycle
  •  her brother’s car
  •  her mother’s motorcycle
  • Derek’s tricycle


her dad’s bicycle

13. While Sophie waited for Danny, she realized that

  • Danny would come
  • Danny would not come
  •  she was hungry
  • she was thirsty


Danny would not come

14. According to Sophie, the place she had chosen to meet Danny was

  •  a hidden alley
  • a perfect place
  •  behind the walls
  •  near the trees

15. Sophie told Jansie that her father if he got to know about her meeting with Danny would

  • agree to their marriage
  •  murder her
  •  ask her to call him over for dinner
  • ask to be introduced to him

16. Geoff had told about Sophie’s meeting with Danny Casey to

  •  the entire neighbourhood
  • Frank
  • Jansie
  •  the teachers in school

17. ‘I wish he was an Englishman’. These words were spoken with reference to

  •  Geoff
  • Derek
  •  Danny Casey
  • a passenger in the bus


a passenger in the bus

18. The match on Saturday was witnessed by

  •  the whole family
  •  only father and Sophie
  •  Geoff alone
  •  Sophie, father, Derek and Geoff


Sophie, father, Derek and Geoff

19. Danny Casey was a player in the football team of

  •  Ireland
  •  Finland
  • England
  • Denmark

20. Sophie told Geoff that Danny was unable to sign an autograph for her because

  • his secretary did not allow it
  • he didn’t have paper or pen
  •  he said he’d do it later
  •  he was in a hurry to go home


he didn’t have paper or pen


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