Chapter-1: The Last Lesson


1 . Who is the author of The Last Lesson?

  • Jane Austen
  • Rabindra Nath Tagore
  • None
  • Alphonse Daudet

2. What does The Last Lesson symbolize?

  • Loss
  • Loss of freedom
  • Loss of language
  • Loss of language and freedom


Loss of language and freedom

3. Who was M.Hamel?

  • a spy
  • language teacher
  • soldier
  • School Principal

4. Why did the villagers come to meet M. Hamel in the school?

  • to complain
  • to say goodbye
  • to gossip
  • to show gratitude

5. Why did Hamel blame himself?

  • not having taught them enough French
  • not being strict
  • giving students a holiday at times
  • not being responsible


giving students a holiday at times

6. What did Franz find on reaching the school?

  • People were dancing
  • school was closed
  • Police patrolling
  • strange quietness

7. What was there in front of the Bulletin Board?

  • children
  • police
  • hawkers
  • a crowd

8. Alphonse Daudet was from which country?

  • India
  • France
  • England
  • New Zealand

9. What attitude of M.Hamel surprised Franz?

  • soft and kind
  • rude
  • firm and strict
  • none of these

10. The story ‘The Last Lesson’ highlights which human tendency?

  • Male Chauvinism
  • Procastination
  • Courage
  • Cowardice

11. Why was Franz surprised?

  • Because of village elders
  •  Because of police patrolling
  • because of students’ behavior
  •  because of M.Hamel’s kind and polite behaviour


because of M.Hamel’s kind and polite behaviour

12. What was Franz expected to be prepared for at school that day?

  •  song
  •  dance
  •  essay writing
  •  Participles

13. What did Mr. Hamel bring for his class on his last day in the school?

  • new pens
  • new notebooks
  •  sweets
  • story books

14. Don’t go so fast, you will get to your school in plenty of time means ___

  • getting late
  •  very early
  •  not early
  •  early enough

15. For the last two years, where did all the bad news come from?

  •  the Bulletin Board
  •  Town Hall
  • school
  •  M. Hamel’s House


the Bulletin Board

16. What was M. Hamel going to question Franz about?

  •  participles
  •  adjectives
  •  old primer
  • Ba be bi bo bu

17. Who sat on the back bench on the last lesson?

  • Franz
  • Prussians
  •  the village people
  • The new teacher


the village people

18. What is the moral that the Alphonse Daudet wants to bring out?


not to put off things that one can do that day

19. What does M. Hamel’s motionless posture reflect?


sense of finality

20. Franz thinks- will they make them sing in German- even the pigeons? What could this mean?


when people are deprived of their essence even the surroundings are affected


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