An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum


1 . What is the name of the poet?

  • Kipling
  • Wordsworth
  • Kamlanath
  • Stephen Spender

2. The last stanza is unlike the rest of the poem.

  • long
  • short
  • optimistic
  • pessimistic

3. What was the boy with rat’s eyes trying to escape from?

  • bright light outside
  • openness of trees
  • dim light of the class
  • children in the room


dim light of the class

4. What is the stunted boy reciting?

  • the lesson from his desk
  • Shakespeare’s poetry
  • leaves of nature
  • his composition


the lesson from his desk

5. What kind of life do the children living in slums have?

  • full of love
  • full of care and warmth
  • Hopeless and full of struggle
  • all of these


Hopeless and full of struggle

6. Identify the literary device in ‘slums as big as doom’.

  • simile
  • metaphor
  • alliteration
  • personification

7. What does ‘gusty waves’ imply?

  • slum children
  • energetic children
  • deceased children
  • unhappy children


energetic children

8. Who was sitting at the back of the dim class?

  • a girl
  • an old man
  • a teacher
  • an unnoticed young boy


an unnoticed young boy

9. What attracts the slum children?


All beautiful things like ship, Sun

10. The map is a bad example as it makes one aware of –


the beautiful world

11.In what sense are the slum chidren different?


because of no access to hope and openness of the world

12. Why is the head of the tall girl ‘weighed down’?


by the burden of the world

13. How can powerful people help the poor children?


by bridging gaps of inequalities and injustice

14. What do the faces of children in the slum areas reflect?


sadness and lack of enthusiasm

15. What does the poet portray in the poem?


the plight of young children in the slums

16. What do the ‘governor’, inspector, visitor in the poem depict?


Powerful and influential people

17. ‘Break O break’. What should they break?

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