The Portrait of a Lady

1. The story “The Portrait of a Lady” is written by –

  • Khushwant Singh
  •  A. R. Williams
  •  Walt Whitman
  • Ted Hughes

2. Why did the grandmother keep one hand on her waist?

  •   To balance her stoop
  • To sit
  • To dance
  • To sleep


To balance her stoop

3. Where did the author spend his childhood?

  • In the town with his mother
  • In the town with his parents
  • In the village with his father
  • In the village with his grandmother


In the village with his grandmother

4. The grandmother accompanied her family to see off and receive …….

  • granddaughter
  •  daughter
  • grandson
  • son

5. The grandmother always carried with her

  • rosary
  •  knife
  • mirror
  • vanity bag

6. The grandmother and the author were good-

  •  friends
  • reformers
  • neighbors
  • colleague

7. The turning point of the author’s friendship with the grandmother was-

  • the settlement of their parents in the city,
  •  the engagement of parents in a private company
  • parents’ illness
  •  none of these


the settlement of their parents in the city

8. The author’s grandmother was unhappy with city education because –

  • she was a gentle lady
  • she was conservative and religious
  • she was not a good lady
  • she does not have faith in education


she was conservative and religious

9. How did the sparrows react after grandmother’s death? They …

  • Started chirping loudly
  • Sat quietly
  • Sat scattered on the floor
  • Sat on her legs


Sat scattered on the floor

10. Grandmother has been portrayed as a very ….. lady –

11. What did the sparrows do when the dead body of the grandmother was carried off?


They flew away quietly

12. The grandmother believed that education should

Spoiler title

religion based,

13. Who did appear like the ‘winter landscape in the mountains?


Narrator’s grandmother

14. Narrator’s grandmother had been old and wrinkled

15. What for did the grandmother prepare the author

16. What was grandmother’s reaction when the author was going abroad?


not even sentimental

17. Did the author bother to learn the morning prayers that his grandmother recited?


 he listened but did not bother to learn

18. How do you feel about the character of the grandmother in the chapter?

19. How did the sparrows express their sorrow at the death of their grandmother?


they came and sat silently in the verandah

20. What did the grandmother do in her final hours?


Silently praying and telling her beads

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