Chapter-5: The Ailing Planet: the Green Movement’s Role


1.  The author of the story “The Ailing Planet: The Green Movement Role” is ……..

  • Nani Palkhiwala
  • Vikram Seth
  • Khushwant Singh
  • Ted Hughes


Nani Palkhiwala

2. Who said, “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children ?”

  •  Mr. Lester Brown
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Mr. Edgar S. Woolard
  • None of these


Mr. Lester Brown

3. The world’s ancient tropical forests are now eroding very fast at the rate of –

  •  40 million acres a year
  • 60 million acres a year
  • 50 million acres a year
  • None of these


50 million acres a year

4. “We have not inherited this earth from our forefathers, we have borrowed it from our children” who said this?

  •  Margaret Thatcher
  • James Speth
  • Mr. L. K. Jha
  • Mr. Lester Brown


Mr. Lester Brown

5. The concept that the earth and other planets revolved around the sun was first introduced by-

  •  Newton
  • Copernicus
  • Arehimedes
  • Dalton

6. The concept of sustainable development was popularised in-

7. The Green Movement started in …

8. The author has compared the earth to a …

  •  patient
  • scientist
  • doctor
  • God

9. Green Movement shifted the focus from a mechanistic view to a holistic and …..

  • technical view
  • ecological view
  • traditional view
  • None of these

10. The World’s first nationwide Green Party was founded in ……..

  •  USA
  • Russia
  • South Africa
  • Newzealand

11. The President of the World Resource Institute is …

  • James Speth
  • Michael Poy
  • Nani Palkhiwala
  • None of these

12. The book “The Global Economic Prospect” is written by –

  • James Speth
  • Margaret Thatcher
  • Lester R. Brown
  • None of these

13. “The world’s most dangerous animal” is written on a cage in the zoo at Lusaka……

  • Zambia
  • Australia
  • England
  • None of these

14. Overfishing is common because the world is conscious about …

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Vitamin
  • None of these

15.  A movement which started nearly twenty-five years ago was known as –

  •  Satyagraha Movement
  • Chipko Movement
  • A Green Movement
  • A Woman Movement

16. Why should we introduce voluntary family planning –

  • To control population
  • To eradicate poverty
  • It is a hurdle in the path of progress
  • None of these


To control population

17. Every four days the world population increases by ……………..”

18. What forms the foundation of the global economic system according to Lester Brown?


” fisheries, forests, grasslands, and croplands ”

19. “Scientists have catalogued about ………….. living species with which mankind shares the earth”

20. Where was the first nationwide Green party founded?

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