Chapter-6:The Browning Version


1. The author of the story “The Browning Version” is ……

  •  Terence Rattigan
  • Jayant Narlikar
  • Khushwant Singh
  • Nani Palkhiwala

2. Mr. Croker Harris is –

  •  a middle aged master
  • a young schoolmaster
  • a principal
  •  a student


a middle aged master

3. The latter has not yet arrived, and Frank finds Taplow waiting, Latter refers is-

  • Aeschylus
  •  Millie
  • Crocker-Harris
  •  None of these

4. Millie Crocker and were-Crocker Harris –

  • father and mother
  •  sister and brother
  • wife and husband
  • niece and nephew


wife and husband

5. Frank is-

  • a middle-aged master
  •  a young schoolmaster
  •  a boy of sixteen
  •  a poor student


a young schoolmaster

6. A sadist is a person who gets pleasure-

  •  out of giving joy to others
  • out of giving pain to others
  • out of taking pain from others
  • None of these


out of giving pain to others

7.  In which subject was Taplow extremely interested ?

  •  Mathematics
  •  Philosophy
  •  History
  • Science

8. Crookes-Harris asked Taplow to explain the joke to …….

  • other students
  • to the principal
  • other teachers
  •  None of these

9. Who was Taplow waiting for?

  •  Crocker-Harris
  • Frank
  • Crocker-Harris and Frank
  • His friend Ben

10. Milli sends Taplow to …

  • confectionery
  •  laundry
  • bakery
  •  chemist

11. Taplow expresses his desire to join …..

  • Science stream
  • Arts stream
  • Commerce stream
  • None of these

12. Crocker-Harris is a teacher at…

  •  British Public School
  •  Delhi Public School
  • French Public School
  •  None of these.


British Public School

13. Taplow does not like the-

14. What was Millie carrying when she entered the classroom?

15. Why was Taplow worried that Mrs. Crocker – Harris might have heard what they were saying?


as she had been standing for a few minutes when they were busy talking

16. Who is Mr. Crocker-Harris ?


middle-aged schoolmaster

17. What did Millie suggest to Taplow in her husband’s absence?


to go to chemist to get her prescription filled

18. Where was Mr. Crocker – Harris?

19. What does Frank do?

20. How is Mr. Crocker – Harris different from other teachers?


as he is not biased


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