Chapter-5: Father to Son

1. Who is the poet of the given stanza?

  • Shirley Toulson
  • Elizabeth Jennings
  •  Walt Whitman
  • Ted Hughes


Elizabeth Jennings

2.  ‘We’ here stands for-

  •  the poet and his wife
  • the father and the son
  • the parents of the poet
  •  the father and the mother


the father and the son

3.  The poet wants-

  •  to build a relationship with his son
  • to live alone
  •  to forget his son
  •  to be away from his school


to build a relationship with his son

4.  Both of them must live-

  • on the same globe
  • in the same city
  •  in the same country
  • in the same house

5. Who is the poet of the poem Father to Son’?

  •  Shirley Toulson
  •  Elizabeth Jennings
  •  Walt Whitman
  •  Ted Hughes


Elizabeth Jennings

6.  Prodigal means-

  •  brave
  •  extravagant
  •  bad
  • selfish

7.  there was no sign of …… between the father and-

  • Understanding
  •  misunderstanding,
  • Understanding and  misunderstanding,
  •   None of these

8. Silence surrounds them because-

  • they are strangers
  • they are not friendly
  • they are not speaking terms
  • they are like enemies


they are not speaking terms

9. The father and the so must extend their hands-


to forgive each other

10. Who says, “We both must live on the same globe”?

11.  In the poem “Father to Son”, who is expressing his helplessness?

12. We speak like strangers” means-


No complete understanding

13. What kind of life the poet wants his son to live?

14. Why is the father unable to understand his son?

15. Why is the father unhappy with his son?


Their thinking is different

16. Why was the father ready to forgive him?


to let go of all the sorrows he had inside

17. Does the father want his son to move around in his own world?

18. What happened when he tried to build a relationship with him in his childhood?


his efforts were in vain

19. What does the son share about him understanding himself?


he is at a point where he doesn’t understand himself

20. When the son spoke for the first time, does he also feel sad about the distance between them?

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