Chapter-4: Childhood


1. Who is the poet of the poem ‘Childhood’?

  •  Elizabeth Jennings
  • Shirley Toulson
  • Markus Natten
  •  William Wordsworth

2. In the poem ‘Childhood’ The poet wants to know-

  • the day he became responsible
  • the day he became an adult
  • the day he became wise
  • the day he lost his childhood


the day he lost his childhood

3.  *We in the poem “Childhood’ stands for-

  • the father and mother
  •  the poet and his wife
  • the father and the son
  • the parents of the poet


the father and the son

4. What is hidden in an infant’s face?

  • Innocence
  •  Beauty
  • Freshness
  • Lost childhood


Walt Whitman Lost childhood

5.  Therefore could not be’ here means-

  •  they could not be found
  •  they could not exist
  • they could not continue
  •  they could not trouble


Walt Whitman they could not exist

6. My mind was mine means-

  •  I could use my mind
  • I had my mind
  •  I could think independently
  • when I had a mature mind


I could think independently

7. What is that the poet eager to know in the poem “Childhood”


where his childhood had gon

8. Adults talked-


of love and preached of love

9. Preached for love in the poem ‘Childhood’ means-


talked of love but didn’t act lovingly

10. In the poem “Childhood’ ‘mine alone’ means-


not influenced by others

11. How does the poet seem to feel about the loss of his childhood ?

12. The poet is . . about adulthood.

13. What could not be found in Geography books ?

14. In the poem “Childhood”, what does the poet say about adults ?


They are not so as they seem to be

15. When did the poet’s childhood go


He was I1 years old

16. Where is the poet able to find his lost childhood?


in the innocent facts of the infant

17. Where can one find real childhood ?

18. The childhood can be found in …..

19. Why do adults talk and preach of love but do not act lovingly?


because they are hypocrites

20. Antithesis is where two opposite words are used together in a sentence in a poem, where did the poet use it?


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