Chapter-3: Discovering Tut: The Saga Continues


1. The author of the story “Discovering Hut: The Saga Continues” is –

  •  A. R. Williams
  •  Markus Matten
  • Ted Hughes
  • Jayan Narlikar

2. In Discovering Tut: The saga continues’ Howard Carter was a-

  • British Philosopher
  • British Botanist
  • British Archaeologist
  •  British Zoologist


British Archaeologist

3. was the last heir of a powerful Egyptian dynasty. …..

  • Amenhotep III
  • King Tut
  •  Amenhotep IV
  •  None of these

4. what does Tutankhamun mean in ‘Discovering Tut: The saga Continues’?

  • Dead image of Amun
  • The living image of Amun
  • Image of Tut
  •  Image of Mummy


Living image of Amun

5. Tut was just a teenager when he did and was-

  • the first heir of a powerful family
  • the emerging heir of the poor family
  • he last heir of a powerful family
  • an inefficient heir of his family


he last heir of powerful family

6. What was buried with the mummy

  • Board games, line
  • Bronze razor, food
  • Both (1) and (2)
  • None of these

7. What does C. T. stand for-

  •  Computerized Technology
  • Competitive Test
  • Counting Table
  • Computed Tomography


Computed Tomography

8. As per the ancient Egyptian belief which constellation is known as the soul of Siris?

  • Capricorn
  • Orion
  • Ursa Major
  • Lyrn

9. Amenhotep II1 was the powerful pharaoh who ruled for almost-

  • four decades
  • three decades
  •  two decades
  •  five decades

10. Tut was discovered after –

  • 2000 years
  • 3300 years
  • 1000 years
  • 2500 years

11. Tut’s grandfather Amenhotep III ruled for …

  •  40 years
  • 50 years
  • 20 years
  • 5 years

12. How many digital images were taken while scanning the mummy from head to toe-

  • 1700,
  • 1500,
  •  1600,
  • 1800.

13. The place where Egyptian kings were buried is known as-

  • Graveyard of pharaohs
  •  Graveyard of Kings
  • Valley of Kings
  • Valley of pharaohs

14. Tut’s mummy was scanned on 5th January

15. Carter found the mummified body cemented to the bottom of the.

  • gold coffin
  •  silver coffin
  • iron coffin
  • None of these

16. How has archeology changed through the decades ?

  •  focusses more on treasure
  •  focusses more on physical findings
  •  focusses on time factors more
  •  focusing less on treasure and more on the fascinating details of life and mysteries of death


focusing less on treasure and more on the fascinating details of life and mysteries of death

17. When did Tut die?


more than 33000 years ago

18. Who said “The mummy is in very bad condition because of what Carter did in the 1920s”?

19. What is the Cemetery of Tut called?


Valley of the Kings

20. Why did the procedure stop in between?


As spare fan stopped working

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