Chapter-1: A Photograph


1. Who is the poet of the poem “A Photography”?

  • Walt Whitman
  • Shirley Toulson
  • Ted Hughes
  • William Wordsworth

2. Why did the grandmother not accompany the author to his school in the city?

  • The author now went to school by his bicycle
  • The author now went to school in a motor-bus
  • The author now went to school in a rickshaw
  •  None of these


The author now went to school in a motor-bus

3. Who were Betty” and Dolly?

  • Her neighbors
  • Her sisters
  • Narrator’s cousins
  • Cousins of poet’s mother


Cousins of poet’s mother

4. Where was the photograph taken ?

  • In a forest
  •  On a beach
  • On a mountain top
  • None of these

5. What has not changed ?

  •  Belt and Dolly
  •  The poetess’s mother
  • The poetess
  • The sea

6. the cardboard shows the picture of-

  •  two schoolgirls
  • two real sisters
  • two neighbors
  • narrator’s mother and her two cousins


narrator’s mother and her two cousins

7. The uncle was-

  •  standing silently
  • padding
  •  holding his mother’s hand
  • standing with a camera


standing with a camera

8. The ‘Big Girl’ in the poem ‘A Photograph’ means-

  • the cldest cousin of the mother
  •  the tallest of the girls
  • narrator’s mother
  • the heaviest of the girls


narrator’s mother

9. She has been dead-


nearly as many years as she lived

10. The word ‘both’ in the poem “A Photograph” stands for-


narrator and her mother

11. In the poem ‘A Photograph’ what was her past ?


The sea holiday that she enjoyed with her cousins

12. What type of loss did Mother feel while looking at her photograph 7


The loss of her childhood

13. What was the world “Cardboard” denote in the poem ?


Permanent photorecord

14. The uncle’s camera captures her mother smiling and the sweet face with her two…

15. Why did the poet try to forget memories of her mother?


She is no more alive

16. What does the camera capture ?


Beautifully dressed and smiling faces

17. Whose feet are called transient?


The poetess’s mother’s

18. What was the favourite memory of her mother?

19. After how many years did her mother laugh on seeing the photograph?

20. How many people were in the photograph?


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