From the Diary of Anne Frank


1 . Who is the author of “From the Diary of Frank”

  • El Bsor Ester
  • G. L. Fuentes
  • Anne Frank
  • Lokesh Abrol

2. The name given to Anne’s diary was –

  • Pinky
  • Kitty
  • Sweety
  • None of these

3. What language was the diary originally written in?

  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • French

4. Which subject was she not sure of passing?

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science
  • All of these

5. Why was Mr Keesing annoyed with her?

  • She was not a good student
  • She was talkative
  • She was rude
  • All of these

6. When was the diary given to Anne?

  • 10th birthday
  • 11th birthday
  • 12th birthday
  • 13th birthday

7. What was Anne Frank’s full name?

  • Anneliese Marie Frank
  • Anna Mariam Frank
  • Anne Mark Frank
  • Anneliese Martina Frank


Anneliese Marie Frank

8. Who was the only survivor from Anne’s family?

  • Anne
  • Anne’s father
  • Anne’s sister
  • Anne’s mother

9. What was the name of Anne Frank’s sister?

  • Margaret
  • Marrie
  • Margot
  • Martina

10. In which city were Anne and Margot sent to live with their grandmother?

  • Berlin
  • Aachen
  • Munich
  • Bonn

11. How old was Anne’s father when he married her mother?

12. Why does Anne think she was lonely ?

  • She had no friends
  • She had no real friends
  • She was all alone
  • She was an introvert


She had no real friends

13. What would the kids bet about in class ?

  • Who is more talkative
  • Who would pass the class
  • Football matehes
  • Baseball matches


Who would pass the class

14. What did she write in her last essay ?

  • A poem
  • A paragraph
  • A joke
  • A funny poem

15. What was the subject on which she had to write?

  •  Necessity of Walking
  •  Necessity of Running
  •  Necessity of Talking
  •  Necessity of Studying


Necessity of Talking

16. What was topic of the essay written by Anne?

  •  My Diary
  •  A Chatterbox
  •  A letterbox
  • None of the Above

17. How does the Anne explain his father?

  •  Most Adorable father
  •  Most Angry Father
  • Most delicate Father
  • None of the Above


Most Adorable father

18.Who is Anne’s long awaited friend?

19. How does she want to begin her diary?


By giving an introduction


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