Chapter-2: Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


1 . Nelson Mandela was the president of –

  • South America
  • South Africa
  • North America
  • None of these

2. Which party did Nelson Mandela join?

  • Indian National Congress
  • African National Congress
  • National African Party
  • None of these


African National Congress

3. What does Nelson Mandela feel a hunger for?

  • fame
  • power
  • freedom
  • wealth

4. According to Mandela, what is the greatest wealth of a nation?

  • minerals
  • people
  • gems
  • diamonds

5. What was it that the nation needed to be liberated from?

  • poverty
  • deprivation
  • gender discrimination
  • All of these

6. What change brought international leaders to South Africa?

  • End of Apartheid
  • humanity
  • peace
  • trade negotiations

7. What colours does the new South African flag possess?

  • Black, red, green, blue and gold
  • Black, red, yellow, blue and gold
  • Orange, black, yellow, blue and silver
  • Black, biue, violet, saffron and green


Black, red, green, blue and gold

8. What comes more naturally to heart according to Mandela?

  • Hatred
  • Unity
  • Love
  • Racial discrimination

9. Nelson Mandela’s autobiography is –

  • Longing for freedom
  • Long walking for freedom
  • Long walk to freedom
  • None of these


Long walk to freedom

10. How does Nelson Mandela define the meaning of courage?

  • Triumph over fear
  • Triumph over love
  • Triumph over selfish
  • Triumph over poverty

11.When was the inauguration day?

  •  10 May
  • 10 March
  •  20 May
  •  20 March

12. What does depths of oppression create?

  • oppressed
  •  heights of character
  •  poverty
  •  lack of freedom


heights of character

13. How did Mandela’s hunger for freedom change his life?

  •  turned from frightened to bold
  •  turned from law-abiding attorney to a criminal
  •  turned a life-loving man to live like a monk
  • all of the above

14. Who, according to Mandela is not free?

  •  oppressor
  • oprressed
  • oppressor and oprressed
  •  none of the above


oppressor and oprressed

15. A man who takes away another man’s freedom is _____


a prisoner of hatred

16. Which party did Mandela join?


African National Congress

17. What began Mandela’s hunger for freedom?


the fact that it had already been taken away from him

18. What realisations did Mandela have of his boyhood freedom?


it is just an illusion

19. What comes more naturally to heart according to Mandela?

20. According to Mandela, what is the greatest wealth of a nation?

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